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Why You Should Never Pop Your Pimples

Looking in a mirror and seeing a pimple can be so frustrating. All you want to do is pop it, and all of your problems will be solved. Many people believe they can just pop the pimple and it’s over, but it can actually lead to many other problems. A pimple occurs when the pore has excess sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria. This build up puts the pore under a lot of pressure, so popping it will only add more pressure, pushing all of the debris deeper into the skin.

We know it’s bad, but sometimes we can’t fight the urge to do it. Pimple popping videos have gone viral because it can be so satisfying to watch. The technicians at Premier Dermatology understand why you may want to pop it, but we want to share five reasons why you should never pop your pimples.

1. Prevents Your Body From Healing

The pimple is raised because your skin is trying to heal itself. A bump is formed as the skin is pushing the unwanted debris out of the pore. By picking at it, you are disrupting the body’s natural healing process which means the pore won’t heal as it should.

By popping the pimple you are tearing the skin to get the debris out. Once the debris is out the bump may go down, but now you have an open cut and red, irritated skin.

3. You Are Making the Pimple Worse

You use your fingers to pop the pimple, and your fingers have bacteria from the outside world on them. Not only are you pushing the debris of the pimple deeper into the skin, but you are introducing new bacteria into the pore. This can cause the area to become red, inflamed, infected and swollen.

4. This Can Create More Pimples

When you pop the pimple, you are exposing the debris to your skin. This can spread and cause more pimples to form.

5. Popping a Pimple Can Leave a Scar Behind

We now know that popping a pimple is basically tearing the skin, so when that tear heals a scar will be left behind. Acne scars can be very hard to treat, and many people look to laser treatments to fix their acne scars.

Seeing a pimple can cause you stress every time you look in the mirror, but are the consequences of popping it worth it? When you pop the pimple to fix your problem, you are just creating another problem. The best advice we can give you is to wait it out. The body can heal itself, so just let the pimple run its course. The technicians at Premier Dermatology have the skills and knowledge for all of your acne needs. If you want to try something new to battle your acne, give us a call today.


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