537 Stanton Christiana Rd Newark, DE 19713

(302) 633-7550

Vittoria Mortarotti, LE

Licensed Aesthetician

Vittoria graduated from Aveda Institute Birmingham in 2017 and started her aesthetic journey. When she was in high school, she struggled with hormonal acne and has been interested in skincare ever since. She started working in the dermatology setting shortly after graduation, where she has had many opportunities to watch aesthetic procedures. This has helped her get more of an understanding of different skin conditions and treatments. One of her favorite things about aesthetics is helping clients figure out their perfect at-home regimen. She loves when people come back and saying they love their products! She is striving to become a successful Aesthetician with her own skincare blog. In her free time, Vittoria enjoys gardening and hanging out with her dog Kiba. She has just started experimenting with houseplants, but would love to start growing her own fruits and veggies!


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