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Schedule an Acne Extraction for Healthier Skin

When you see a pimple, your immediate response is to pop it yourself, which doing so, causes more damage to your skin. Instead, receive an acne extraction treatment from a board-certified professional to ensure healthy and unclogged pores. When a dermatologist pore extraction is performed correctly, this treatment can be highly beneficial to the skin.

What is Acne Extraction?

An extraction is a process of clearing clogged pores with a safe, sterilized tool. This process is beneficial for unclogging pores and is done by a professional dermatologist in Newark Delaware, instead of yourself. When proceeding with facial acne extraction yourself, this can cause unwanted damage to the skin, and it is best to contact a professional to do the task.

Why You Shouldn’t Perform Extractions Yourself

It’s tempting to see a pimple and want to pop it thinking it’ll make it go away immediately. However, our dermatologist in Newark Delaware is here to explain why doing extractions on yourself can damage the skin. When popping a pimple, squeezing it can cause bacteria to dig deeper into the skin, causing more swelling and redness, making the appearance of the pimple worse. Also, squeezing the pimple can cause scabbing on the surface and, in the long run, result in scarring or pits on the skin.

The Process of Facial Acne Extraction

When done by a professional, they will begin by cleansing the face. After that, they will steam the face to soften the skin, making the pore extraction easier. Once the skin is ready, the esthetician applies gentle pressure to extract. When scheduling an appointment with Premier Dermatology, specializing in dermatologist pore extraction, we ensure a quality experience. Our estheticians will take the time to develop a proper treatment that will benefit their client’s skin.

Premier Dermatology | Acne Extraction Treatment

Our professional dermatologists are here to help our clients through their acne problems. We are providing advice and guidance to ensure a positive experience. When participating in our facial acne extraction, we ensure a beneficial and clean process for our clients. Visit our website or contact us today to schedule your acne extraction treatment.


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