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Myths About Tattoo Removal

Whether you are regretting your tattoo decision or it just doesn’t look as good as it once did, you don’t have to live with it any longer. Premier Dermatology offers laser tattoo removal with an Enlighten laser device to remove tattoos faster and more effectively. Laser tattoo removal has been around for awhile, and there are some myths floating around that we would like to address.

  1. It Leaves Scars

When you decide to have a laser tattoo removal, the chances of scarring is extremely low. Our lasers target the ink particles, not the skin. The high powered lasers are short and are able to break down the ink particles quickly. Picosecond lasers are also administered which have shown to remove tattoos more effectively and in less treatments.

  1. Black is The Hardest Color to Remove

This myth is actually the opposite. Black is one of the easiest colors to remove because it has less additives than other colors. Black ink also absorbs most of the laser wavelengths, allowing it to be removed in fewer sessions. Every tattoo removal is different based on the tattoo’s color, size, depth and type of ink.

  1. New Tattoos Are Easier to Remove Than Old

Many people believe this is true because they think that if the ink is fresh that means it hasn’t absorbed into the skin as deep. Older tattoos are more faded, which means they are easier to remove than newer ones. In order to get a laser tattoo removal, the tattoo must be fully healed, which would be weeks after getting the tattoo done.

  1. Laser Tattoo Removal Isn’t Safe

Tattoo removal is just as safe as getting the tattoo in the first place. All of the lasers we use at Premier Dermatology are FDA regulated, and are administered by our licensed technicians.

How Can Premier Dermatology Help?

Premier Dermatology uses the Enlighten Laser Tattoo Removal Device to remove your tattoo faster and more effectively. The lasers break up the ink particles so your body is able to absorb them over time. Just like getting a tattoo, there is some expected level of discomfort during treatments. Many patients have compared the pain to rubber band snaps on the skin. In some cases anesthetics can be administered to patients. Tattoo artists recommend this treatment if you are looking to replace the unwanted tattoo with a new one, so the artist has more of a clean slate. If you are interested in starting the tattoo removal process, call us at Premier Dermatology today and Schedule A Consultation.



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