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Why Wearing Sunscreen Daily is Important

One of the most critical steps in a skincare routine is the final one, sunscreen! Premier Dermatology, a qualified Dermatologist Newark DE, can’t stress enough the importance of implementing sunscreen into your everyday routine. Even if it’s thunder storming outside or peak winter, your sunscreen should never take a day off!

Importance of Wearing Sunscreen Everyday

Any Newark Dermatologist will tell you that wearing sunscreen is crucial for protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Exposure to these rays can cause sunburn, premature aging, and skin cancer. A dermatologist Delaware states wearing sunscreen daily, regardless of the weather, can reduce your risk of developing these conditions and keep your skin healthy and youthful. Ensure sunscreen is a vital part of your daily skincare routine, and remember to apply it!

Skin Risks of Not Wearing Sunscreen

Prolonged sun exposure without daily sunscreen application can develop fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots on your face, as the harmful UV rays break down collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. Without applying sunscreen to your face, your skin becomes more vulnerable to the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays, increasing the risk of developing skin cancer. Skipping daily sunscreen use on your face can result in uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and the appearance of dark spots. Dermatologist Newark DE notices that the lack of sunscreen on your face daily can also exacerbate existing skin conditions. Skin conditions such as rosacea and melasma, as UV exposure, can trigger flare-ups and worsen the symptoms.

Benefits of Wearing Sunscreen Everyday

  1. Reduces the risk of skin cancer
  2. Prevents premature aging caused by sun damage
  3. It helps to prevent sunburn.
  4. Protects against the development of dark spots and hyperpigmentation
  5. It helps to maintain an even skin tone.
  6. It keeps skin hydrated and prevents dryness.
  7. Reduces the risk of developing skin allergies and rashes
  8. It helps to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Premier Dermatology: Your Trusted Dermatologist Newark DE, for Everyday Sunscreen Protection

There are many reasons why people may choose not to wear sunscreen. Some may need to realize the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays on their skin. Others may believe that they do not need sunscreen if it is not sunny outside or if they have a darker skin tone. Some may find applying sunscreen a hassle or uncomfortable, while others may need to remember to use it. Regardless, trust your board-certified Newark dermatologist that not wearing sunscreen can lead to severe consequences for your skin health, and applying it every day is highly beneficial. Contact your dermatologist Delaware today at Premier Dermatology to learn more about our services and how we can help your skin!


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