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Beginners Guide to Skincare Products Pt. 1

There are many different reasons why skin care is important, especially for your face. Your skin is what stands in the way between the world and the rest of your body; it protects your organs, holds moisture, cools your body off, and protects us from harmful infections. It’s imperative to take care of your skin, not just for cosmetic reasons. This is where skincare routines come in.

Skincare routines can be confusing, especially because more and more products come out every day that say they can help with skin problems. However, it’s more about the ingredients than the product itself. Premier Dermatology, one of the top dermatologist in Delaware practices, is here to help you decode all of the different products that you’ll see in stores. Here are some of the products you should be used in this order on a daily basis to promote healthy skin, why you should use them, what to look for, and when to use them.



Treating dirty skin is like trying to put wax on a muddy car, you have to get the dirt, oil, and grime off first in order to get the best results! Finding the right cleanser for you might take a bit of trial and error. No matter what, you’ll want to find one that’s gentle and made for your face, not just a random body wash. Your cleanser should leave your face feeling fresh, clean, and makeup-free.


Here are some ingredients to look for in your facial cleanser:

  • Retinol
  • Salicylic acid
  • Ceramides
  • Vitamin C


A cleanser should be applied first at least twice a day every day. Just wet your face with warm water (not too hot), massage cleanser onto your whole face, and rinse with warm water!



Toner is often forgotten in many people’s skincare routines, but it can be a critical part of your skin routine! It can help soften skin and contains ingredients to help with irritation and redness.


There are a few different ingredients in toner that can benefit your skin, including but not limited to:

  • Witch hazel
  • Aloe vera
  • Lavender
  • Rose


Toner should be used after cleanser twice a day. You can use a few drops on a cotton ball or round to apply. Wipe round or ball on face, ensuring every part was covered. Let dry before applying other products.



Exfoliating is a very important part of your skincare routine. It can help get off dry skin, clear out your pores, and improve skin cell turnover (which helps with redness, breakouts, and more).


It is imperative that you choose the right kind of exfoliator for your skin. There are some that are stronger than others and, when used on the wrong kind of skin, can actually make redness and breakouts worse. There are two kinds of exfoliation: physical and chemical. Here are some ingredients you should use when looking for a physical exfoliator.

  • Jojoba beads
  • Coffee grounds
  • Oats

Chemical exfoliators perform differently than physical. Here are a few good ingredients to look for:

  • Glycolic acid
  • Lactic acid

Before using a chemical exfoliator, ask your local dermatologist in Delaware about how different ingredients and products can react on your skin and what to avoid. They may tell you to skip serums or other products on the day of exfoliation.


Some people choose to exfoliate once every day or two, but you can exfoliate as little as once a week. It should be used after the cleanser and before your moisturizer. Prep your face by wetting it with warm water, then gently massage the exfoliator on your face and rinse.

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