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Why You Should See a Dermatologist for Your Adult Acne

Acne is completely natural and happens to everyone, especially as teens. Not everyone grows out of it, however. It can be caused by different things, such as bacteria, hormonal changes due to pregnancy or medications, or an increase in stress. If you’re acne-prone as an adult, you should consider visiting a board-certified dermatologist Newark DE, such as Premier Dermatology. We can help you figure out the cause of your acne, suggest treatments or procedures to help, and even sell products that we recommend. Here are a few reasons why you should see us for your adult acne.

Prevent Acne Scars and Future Breakouts

Premier Dermatologists Newark DE can help you with your acne and preventing future damage to your skin. Your body’s response to breakouts is to send collagen to the area to repair the damage to the skin. This is where scarring comes in. If you tend to pick at or pop your pimples, this could increase the chances of scarring. Your dermatologist can provide you with products or medications to help with acne scarring or preventing breakouts from happening.

Suggest Treatments and Products

There are many different kinds of treatments for different kinds of acne. Over-the-counter treatments might not be as effective for certain people. If you’re one of them, taking a visit to Premier Dermatology could help you get treatments and products that actually work for you and your skin. We have a catalog full of products to help with a number of skin problems, including acne and scarring. Visit our website to check it out for yourself!

Provide Procedures and Services

While there are some treatments that you can do at home, like masks and spot treatment, there are ones that can be done best by a trained, professional dermatologist. From acne to rosacea, we can help treat almost any skin disease or damaged skin that comes into our clinic. We can also provide special masks and products that aren’t always sold at drug stores or grocery stores.

Premier Dermatology | Newark, DE

At Premier Dermatology, we have the most professional, highly-trained, and board-certified dermatologists Newark DE in the area. We can help with most skincare issues, such as skin cancer, sun-damaged skin, mole and wart removals, and even laser tattoo removal. Our staff is dedicated to your comfort and happiness from the moment you walk into our doors. We want every patient to feel at home with us. Call or visit us online today to learn more about what services and products we have to offer!


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