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Why You Should Never Pop Your Pimples

Have you ever spotted a pimple that is just screaming to be popped? It’s time to learn to resist those urges. Popping your pimples is just a recipe for disaster. Here’s why:

Never Pop Your Own Pimples

First off, you are preventing your body from healing. Acne is your body’s response to blocked pores and bacteria, so that pimple means your body is trying to heal itself. Think of this next time you are tempted to pop one! When you pop a pimple, you are pushing bacteria, oil, and debris out and tearing your skin, causing an open wound. You may even be pushing the bacteria and oil down even further, leading to an even larger blemish or even more acne. Scarring is yet another risk. Even if scars don’t develop, inflammation can cause dark spots on the skin called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. You could also cause depressed scars known as pits, which happens when tissue in your skin is lost due to damage done to the skin.

If you squeeze too much, you may turn a regular zit into a nodule, which is a hard, red, painful blemish deep within the skin, or an acne cyst. Acne cysts are large and painfully inflamed lesions that develop when a membrane forms around the infection in the dermis. It then creates a soft, fluid-filled bump that must be treated by a physician. If you have painful acne, relieve the pain with ice rather than picking or popping.

Prevent Acne

To prevent future breakouts, continue your acne treatment regimen and let your skin heal naturally as often as you can. Keep your hands away from your face, especially when you are using shared surfaces like those at school, work, and on public transportation. 

Alternatives to Popping

If you are feeling tempted to pop your pimples, consider going to get an extraction instead. Your pimple will be removed using special tools in a sterile environment, reducing your risk of re-infecting your skin. You can apply a hot compress to an inflamed pimple or use an over-the-counter spot treatment. 

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