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What Is Phototherapy?

Phototherapy, also known as light therapy, has been used for years to treat all kinds of skin conditions such as psoriasis, vitiligo and eczema. This treatment is good for everyone at any age, even children and women who are pregnant. These treatments can be done at your doctor’s office or at home with a phototherapy unit. Ultraviolet (UV) light is used as an alternative to topical creams and other treatments.

The Phototherapy Process

To begin the process you will apply a moisturizing oil to the treatment area. Next the phototherapy light machine is set for seconds or minutes administer light to the skin. Our physicians will keep track of how your skin reacts to every treatment, to get you the best results possible. These notes will determine how often you will receive therapy. It will also let you know when you can stop therapy to see if your skin is in remission.  

How Can it Help?

    • Psoriasis: When phototherapy is administered, the UV light can slow the growth of the scaly thick skin.
    • Vitiligo: The UV light is able to stimulate melanocytes, which produces the skin’s pigment cells.
  • Eczema: Phototherapy can be used on widespread eczema or on localized such as on the hands and feet. The UV light is able to calm the skin and reduce inflammation.

What kinds of Phototherapy are there?

  • PUVA: This therapy option uses plant-derived chemicals and UVA light. The combination of these two slow the division of skin cells, which ease the symptoms of many skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.
  • Narrow Band UVB: This strand of UV light is most effective for psoriasis. At first, patients will require many treatments, but once the skin starts to show improvement fewer treatments are needed.
  • Excimer Laser: This therapy administers a specific wavelength of UV light, which has shown to be highly effective in treating psoriasis. This therapy is for a specific treatment area that hasn’t reacted well to other treatment, such as the knee or elbow. Many patients were able to see results with only four to ten sessions.


If you are interested in learning more, and want to see how Phototherapy from Premier Dermatology can help you, call today to Schedule A Consultation.



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