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Skin Care Tips For Outdoorsmen

Spending time outside comes with a plethora of health benefits, but it also can increase your risk for health issues related to sun-damaged skin. This is especially true for athletes and other professionals whose jobs require them to be outside. The sun can damage your skin in so many ways and some of the associated health risks, like melanoma, can even be life-threatening. The time to take precautions is now before it’s too late. That’s why the Premier Dermatology dermatologist in Newark, DE has compiled a list of three important skin care tips to follow to keep your skin healthy and protected while outdoors. 


While this may sound like an obvious thing to say, you need to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen every single day, regardless of how sunny or hot it will be. Always choose a sunscreen with SPF30 or higher that is water-resistant, and reapply frequently. Lotions are a better option than sprays – full, even coverage is key. But how much sunscreen is enough? The American Academy of Dermatology suggests that adults use at least one ounce (or enough to fill a shot glass) and points out that it should be applied 15 minutes before exposure to all uncovered skin including your ears, neck, lips, hands, scalp, the tops of your feet, and your legs. Wear a hat and cover up as much exposed skin as you can for the best protection possible.

Face Wipes

If you work in the open outdoors, your face will be exposed to a lot of aggressive factors, not just the sun! Debris can easily accumulate on the surface of the skin, along with dead cells and excess oils. All of these factors can be quite damaging, increasing the risk of acne breakouts. For this reason, the Premier Dermatology dermatologist in Newark, DE recommends that you carry a pack of face wipes and use them as often as it is necessary. These are gentle on the skin, and they can remove all of the accumulated debris, oils, and dead cells, leaving you feeling refreshed throughout the day.

Lip Balm

Your lips can also be easily damaged from too much sun exposure, becoming chapped, dry, and cracked. The more time one spends in the open outdoors, the more moisture is lost, and the lips suffer. For this reason, the Premier Dermatology dermatologist in Newark, DE recommends using a moisturizing lip balm with integrated SPF. This will help you keep the lips moisturized and, at the same time, it will protect against the damage done by UV rays.

Premier Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery

Following these three tips will help protect your skin when working or playing outdoors tremendously, ultimately reducing your risk of skin cancer and premature aging. For more information or to schedule a consultation with a dermatologist in Newark, DE, contact the experts at Premier Dermatology today!


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