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Premier Dermatology Treatment and Care Plan for Spider Veins

Spider veins are purple, red, or blue veins that develop near the face or on legs. These are small veins that look like thin branches or spider webs. Sometimes they’re referred to as thread veins. Spider veins are not harmful or painful. There are several treatment options available to remove or shrink their appearance. Many people choose to live with this condition while others opt for dermatology in Delaware at Premier Dermatology to meet their skincare and cosmetic needs. Here are some common treatments for spider veins.

1) Sclerotherapy

In this treatment, an irritant is injected directly into the specific spider vein. As the walls of this vein becomes agitated, they adhere together and prevent blood from flowing. Over time, sclerotherapy reduces the size of the spider, eventually causing it to shrink. Eventually the spider vein will vanish or fade. Multiple treatment sessions at the leaders in dermatology in Delaware may be required to optimize results.

2) Laser Treatment

In a healthcare setting, a trained skin specialist will apply a laser directly on the spider vein. This treatment is used for veins that are 3mm or smaller, and near the skin’s surface. The laser provides a focused yet strong light beam which forces the vein to clot up and dry. Since there are no injections involved, laser therapy is less invasive. Are you self-conscious about your spider veins? Get in touch with a dermatologist, Newark DE professional at Premier Dermatology.

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