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Phototherapy 101

You’ve probably heard that ultraviolet (UV) light can be harmful to the skin. While this is mostly true, there are certain instances where using it can be beneficial. With Premier Dermatology, we can use light therapy, or phototherapy, as a treatment for certain ailments such as phototherapy for eczema or psoriasis. Stop wondering about what is phototherapy, and how it could improve the appearance of your skin with this article from dermatologists Wilmington DE.

What is phototherapy?

Phototherapy involves exposing the skin to UV light on a regular basis and under medical supervision. UV light can be used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, vitiligo, and eczema. There are a few different kinds of phototherapy dermatology that have unique results.

PUVA Therapy

This type of phototherapy dermatology combines plant-derived chemicals and UVA light. This combination causes skin cells to divide less rapidly, which can reduce the symptoms and slow the progression of certain skin disorders. PUVA therapy can treat many parts of the body, including hands and feet.

Narrow Band UVB

If you’re looking for phototherapy for eczema, vitiligo, and more, narrow band UVB might be the treatment for you. More convenient than PUVA, this treatment is more concentrated. After several visits to the dermatologist, patients should start seeing major improvements in their skin. Compared to broad band UVB, narrow band UVB offers shorter, but more intense exposure times, higher chances of clearing up the skin, and longer periods of remission before skin conditions can return.

The Excimer Laser

This phototherapy dermatology is designed to produce a specific wavelength of UV light. It’s highly effective for phototherapy for psoriasis. The excimer laser targets a specific area of the skin. The severity of the skin will be the main factor in how many treatments are needed, but anywhere between four to ten sessions are recommended for psoriasis patients.

What can phototherapy dermatology do for my skin?

Phototherapy dermatology isn’t for everyone, but patients with eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and other skin conditions can benefit exponentially. This treatment can allow the skin to heal, reduce inflammation, reduce or eliminate itching caused by a skin condition, and slow rapid-growing skin cells that are a catalyst for the skin ailment.

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