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Keeping Your Skin Radiant at Home

Healthy skin tends to glow, but lack of sleep, lots of stress, and aging can rob your complexion of its radiance. Various factors contribute to the state of our skin, but at Premier Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, we are here to help. Transform dull and tired skin into glowing and luminous skin with these tips: Keeping Skin Radiant at Home | Premier Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery


Antioxidant-rich foods provide the skin with reparative factors that visibly corrects damage and reduces inflammation. We recommend using vitamin C as it is an antioxidant that stimulates collagen production which maintains youthful skin. Antioxidants also protect your skin and reduce pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. Foods such as berries, grapes, and nuts have been proven to combat free radicals to help protect skin cells from UV damage.


Healthy skin comes from the inside out, but a skincare routine can also contribute to obtaining luminous skin. Cleansing the skin removes the dirt, oil, and pollution that accumulates on our faces every day and causes clogged pores and dullness. It is important to wash your face twice daily in light, circular motions. Be gentle with your skin! We also recommend exfoliating your skin once a week. Gentle exfoliation removes the skin’s outer layer of dead cells in order to bring to the surface brighter and smoother skin. We offer facials such as chemical peels for intensive exfoliation of the skin to remove stubborn pigmentation.


Facials can also intensively brighten the skin. Premier Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery provides consultations to determine your skin type and what treatment works best for you. Facials are typically done every four to six weeks in order to maintain radiant skin. Premier Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery also carries skincare products for every skin type, such as serums and moisturizers that contain key ingredients for brightening your skin at-home, such as vitamin C, B3, and L-Absosorbic acid. Premier Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery recommends using these products daily to see a visible effect within a few weeks.


Dry skin causes dull skin and even accentuates wrinkles and we definitely do not want that! What’s the solution? Hydration! We recommend using a topical moisturizer twice daily to replenish hydration no matter your skin type. We provide Hydrafacials that deliver long-term skin health and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of all skin types, even sensitive skin. This treatment can be used as needed or monthly. Contact us today for a consultation.

Premier Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery

We only have one skin so let’s take care of it. It only takes a few easy steps every day to maintain radiant skin. At Premier Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, our professional estheticians can help you determine the best skincare for anti-aging treatments and provide you with the best results. Let us help you achieve the radiant skin you desire, contact us today!


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