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Factors that Contribute to Skin Sensitivity

Dermatologists in Newark DE at Premier Dermatology know that sensitive skin is not simply a disease that can be diagnosed by a doctor. Instead, it is typically a symptom pointing towards another condition. Some people don’t even realize they have skin sensitivity until they have an undesirable reaction to some cosmetic product, such as a moisturizer, soap, makeup, or sunscreen. Conditions contributing to sensitive skin aren’t usually serious. It is typically possible to keep the symptoms in check by making just a few changes to one’s skincare routine.

Common Causes Leading to Skin Sensitivity:

Some of the most common causes that contribute to skin sensitivity, as pointed out by dermatologists in Newark DE include the following:

1. Air Pollution

It is a known fact that air pollution puts a lot of stress on your skin, making it dry and causing subliminal irritation spots. When air pollution is combined with some other negative internal or external influences, it can cause major inflammation of the skin with itchiness, rashes, redness, blisters, or burning. Therefore, skincare services in Delaware advise it is important to remember that environmental pollutants like ozone, nitrogen oxides, and dust particles worsen skin sensitivity. They also accelerate the aging process since they cause free radicals to form in the skin.

2. Smoking

Besides leading to the development of fine lines and wrinkles, smoking is also known to increase skin sensitivity. This is true even if you’re a non-smoker but are exposed to passive smoking.

3. Grass Pollen, Animal Hair, etc.

If you have neurodermatitis and come into close contact with animal hair, house dust, or grass pollen, then your skin is likely to react. One Ear Nose and Throat article shares that skin can react to allergens, which may lead to hives. These allergens may cause one to itch, which could possibly cause prolonged skin sensitivity. may develop symptoms of eczema in all the exposed places.

The Solution

The first step towards solving the problem of skin sensitivity is to identify your skin type and use the right kind of products, in consultation with dermatologists in Newark DE at Premier Dermatology. For instance, if you’re prone to have dry skin, then focus on following a skincare regime that helps retain moisture. The best way to avoid symptoms of skin sensitivity is to use gentle, fragrance-free, paraben-free, and organic skincare products that do more good than harm to your skin.

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