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Exfoliating 101

Exfoliating is a big part of any skincare routine. It helps remove dead skin, excess oils, and dirt from your skin. However, it can cause more problems than it helps if done incorrectly. It can cause redness, inflammation, and more breakouts. This is because there are certain types of skin that don’t take too kindly to harsh cleaning; more sensitive skin may sting or burn after exfoliating.

There are two different kinds: mechanical and chemical. Depending on your skin, your dermatologist in Delaware, Premier Dermatology, can recommend which one would be best for you. We are here to help you find different products and services that can help you with a multitude of different skin problems. Here are some tips to help you exfoliate without harming your skin.

Select a Product that Suits Your Skin

From dry to oily and everything in between, there is no skin like another. Some products might not work for your skin. Sometimes, a good washcloth and mild exfoliator will be beneficial to your skin. Avoid stronger or rougher exfoliators if you have acne-prone skin, as it can make it worse.

Be Gentle

When you exfoliate, apply the product in small, circular motions, then rinse with lukewarm water. You can also use a brush with small, short strokes. Never exfoliate if you have sunburns or cuts on your face. This can irritate the skin more and cause more problems.

Follow With Toner and Moisturizer

Exfoliating can dry out the skin, it’s more sensitive, and open up your pores. Toning and moisturizing after can help your skin heal and improve skin cell regrowth. You can also get the best exfoliators, toners, moisturizers, and other skincare products from the best dermatologist in Delaware, Premier Dermatology!

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