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Best Skin Products to Use This Winter

Winter is on its way, which means that the cool, crisp fall air will start to get colder and snow may fall. However, this also means your summer skincare won’t cut it anymore. The winter weather can make our skin dry and irritated. It’s best to take extra care of your skin during this time of the year. Delaware dermatologists at Premier Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery are here to help you keep your skin happy and healthy while you enjoy the colder weather. Here are a few products you can use this winter to prevent breakouts and dry spots.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are perfect to give your skin a little life. They are hydrating and cleansing while also providing a soothing coolness to allow your pores to close and irritation to be reduced. They can also be anti-inflammatory, reducing breakouts. Sheet masks can be relaxing and provide your skin with a barrier of protection from dust and dirt. We recommend using face masks that contain:

Most sheet masks are made to be hydrating. They are a great way to give your face a boost, no matter what time of the year.

Thicker Moisturizer

Your summer moisturizer won’t cut it in the winter months. Your face needs hard-core moisturizing during this time of the year. Using a thicker moisturizer at night can help your skin absorb that extra hydration it needs before washing it in the morning. Delaware dermatologists recommend moisturizing every time you do your skincare routine. However, your morning moisturizer doesn’t have to be as heavy as the one you use at night, especially if it’s still relatively humid outside.

Mild Foaming Cleanser

Your skin can be a little more sensitive in the wintertime. To avoid irritating it further, you can use a more mild foaming cleanser when cleaning your face and exfoliate a lot less. Exfoliating can help get rid of excess oil and dead skin, but it can also cause micro-abrasions that can get infected, causing acne. However, a mild foaming cleanser with a microfiber cloth or towel can get your face clean and feel fresh.

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